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Farmworkers harvesting lettuce in the field and packing into boxes for transport

Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety


WCAHS's mission is to prevent agriculture-related illness and injury in the Western United States. Agriculture is still one of the most hazardous occupations in the nation. Our research, education, and outreach focus on the unique farming challenges of the West, such as heat-related illness, dust exposure and respiratory disease, and the vulnerable, often migrant farmworker population. We are fortunate to be located at UC Davis, a well-established land grant university that provides access to a wealth of cross-disciplinary innovators and long-standing networks in the agricultural community and related stakeholders.


A gift to WCAHS will support:

  1. Training of future leaders in agriculture-related occupational health and safety.
  2. Research solutions designed to help the farming community with specific health and safety problems.
  3. Educational outreach to farmers and farm workers.
  4. Promotion of agricultural health and safety to state and federal policy makers.