Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Seminar: Tomato Processing Safety

Event Date

UC Davis, 1127 Kemper Hall

Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering presents a recruitment seminar with Salah F. Issa, PhD Candidate, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Purdue University. 


Bio: Salah Issa joined Purdue University in 2009 as a graduate student in Ecological Sciences and Engineering interdisciplinary program. After completing his masters in 2012, he decided to continue his PhD with Dr. Field to gain a better understanding of agro-security field and completed his PhD in 2016. He also has a BS in Chemical Engineering. On a personal level, Salah is passionate about community service and has worked in his spare time as a youth mentor, community organizer/fundraiser, tutor, and soup kitchen volunteer. When not participating in the community, Salah is either reading or spending time with his family.