Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering Research Seminar: Exploring the Cause of Injury or Death in Grain Entrapment, Engulfment and Extrication

Event Date

UC Davis, 1127 Kemper Hall

The Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering presents a research seminar with Salah F. Issa, PhD Candidate, Agricultural and Biological Engineering Purdue University.

Seminar description

Grain entrapments represent a significant hazard with over 1100 incidents documented. The aim of this research was to understand the forces that victims experience while entrapped in grain. This included testing the force required to extract a victim in different conditions. In the extrication segment of the research, it was found that high moisture content could increase extrication forces by 39%, extracting at angles > 45o degrees increased forces by 22-44%. In conclusion, it was determined that the best strategy to prevent or reduce the severity of injuries associated with grain entrapments remains prevention through maintenance of grain quality.