Erin Hamilton, MA, PhD

Erin Hamilton

Position Title
Associate Professor of Sociology

UC Davis


Erin Hamilton studies when, why, and how people migrate, and with what consequences for migrants, their families, and the communities they leave and enter. Most of her research has focused on Mexico-U.S. migration, with studies of why and how rates of emigration vary across communities in Mexico, how the migration of family and community members affects the health of children in Mexico, and children’s role in migration. She also has studied the family structures of Salvadoran deportees, the indebtedness of Cambodian migrants, and the health of immigrants of all backgrounds in the United States. She is currently working on two projects – a book about population health in the United States and research funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development on child and family migration between Mexico and the United States.  She has received funding from the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety to conduct research on the health of immigrant farmworkers.