Machinery and Equipment Safety

What types of equipment and machinery are used in agriculture?

Several types of agricultural vehicles and machines are used on farms, including off-road and industrial vehicles (e.g. tractors, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), planters, cultivators, harvesters, etc.), motorized highway vehicles (e.g. pickup trucks, automobiles, passenger vans, etc.), non-powered vehicles (e.g. carts and wagons), and others (e.g. agricultural aircrafts, water vehicles).

What are the safety risks of operating this equipment?

Farm equipment accidents are the leading cause of fatalities and injuries in agriculture, with tractor and ATV crashes (primarily rollovers) as the top two most frequently cited causes. Others include being run over or crushed by equipment, accidents on the roadway, and accidents involving the moving parts of a machine.

How is WCAHS research addressing these risks?

Several studies related to tractor and ATV safety have been conducted by WCAHS researchers, including:

  • Evaluation of crush protection devices for agricultural all-terrain vehicles
  • Development and evaluation of a model for predicting the rollover protective structure under simulated rollover accident
  • Modeling the effect of liquid movement on the center of gravity calculation of agricultural vehicles 
  • Measuring the actuation forces to raise and lower a foldable rollover protection structure (ROPS) 
  • Development and evaluation of a computer-based ROPS design program 
  • Foldable ROPS universal lift-assist design
  • ROPS designs to protect operators during agricultural tractor rollovers