Ergonomics & Mechanization

Strawberry harvest workers

Because farming often requires repetitive tasks such as bending, cutting, carrying of heavy loads, and climbing, agricultural workers are at risk for developing musculoskeletal injuries.

WCAHS researchers have a history of developing ergonomic solutions to develop agricultural tools and methods to make common tasks less stressful on the body. Examples include: designing a safer ladder based on optimally spaced rungs and ladder angle to reduce joint stress and falls in agricultural orchard work. Safe ladder standards have been developed through theoretical modeling, laboratory testing and validation, and subsequent testing and validation in the field. The results will help investigators encourage ladder manufacturers to offer them improved orchard ladder in addition to their existing standard orchard ladders.

Current research includes evaluating mechanical and robotic strawberry harvest-aids as a means of controlling lower back disorders in strawberry pickers, while maintaining picking efficiency. Ergonomics and robotics are currently important areas of research as the agricultural work force ages and becomes limited in numbers.


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