Emerging Issues Program

The goal of the Emerging Issues Program is to respond quickly to emerging agricultural health and safety topics.

This program has the potential to mobilize academic expertise and achieve breakthroughs in never or understudied areas of agricultural occupational health, and to create relationships between Center members and potential new members, both at UC Davis and at other institutions.

Sexual Harassment of Hispanic Women Farmworkers in the Agricultural Workplace

PI: Stephen McCurdy, MD, MPH, UC Davis

Respiratory Health

Respiratory health is a major concern for farmers, farmworkers, and their families due to high exposure levels of air pollution while working outside (e.g., environmental dust, transportation, and/or agricultural practices). Some of the highest rates of asthma in the country are in the California Central Valley, which is the primary center for agricultural production and some of the country's highest air pollution levels.

Pesticide Exposure

WCAHS has a long history of studying pesticide exposure and occupational safety. Pesticides are an essential part of farming, but can cause serious health problems if safety precautions are not taken to limit exposure.

Heat-Related Illness

Agricultural workers are greatly susceptible to heat-related illnesses and fatalities due to their work outside. Reducing the risk of heat illness (HRI) has been a major research theme of WCAHS for the past decade.

A Full House at WCAHS

November 28, 2017

Two vacant WCAHS administration positions were filled this fall with Fadi Fathallah, PhD, becoming the new WCAHS Associate Director and Christopher Simmons, PhD, becoming the new WCAHS Director of Research.

Both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of agricultural health and safety, and we are thrilled to have them on the administrative team.

Small Grant Program

Small Grant Funding Objective

The Small Grant Program provides small grants to graduate student and faculty researchers for research taking place across the region, including in Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Nevada. The primary goal of the WCAHS Small Grant Program is to encourage the development of creative research and intervention projects while nurturing researchers—particularly junior researchers—interested in agricultural health and safety research.