Employee Compliance and Safety Procedures

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by Isabel Flores Garcia, Education and Outreach Representative

The IIPP standard requires that employers establish a system for ensuring that all permanent and intermittent workers follow safety rules.

This system must include:

  • Communication to inform employees about any provisions of the IIPP and safety procedures (note: It is extremely important that all communication be in a form that is readily understandable by all affected workers. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page.)
  • Methods to provide positive recognition to employees who perform safe and healthful work practices
  • A plan to retrain employees whose safety performance is deficient and to fairly and consistently discipline those who continue to fail to follow safety rules
  • A review of any safety rules and procedures which are continuously not being followed to ensure they are practical and achievable and a plan to make revisions as needed

It is imperative that the system created does not in any way discourage employees from reporting injuries, symptoms, and/or other potential health and safety hazards. Programs that reward employees for number of days without injuries are strongly discouraged by Cal/OSHA. These programs may be a disincentive to report injuries or early symptoms of a health problem (such as a musculoskeletal disorder). Early reporting can help to address these hazards before they become more serious injuries and help to reduce potential costs related to workplace injury.

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