Stories From the Field: Community Health Fair at Knights Landing One Health Center

Information tables at health fair
Resource tables set up at Knights Landing One Health Center health fair.

Knights Landing, CA is a small rural community populated predominantly by Latino farmworkers whose work involves many health and safety risks. A challenge for many workers and their families is that the nearest medical facility is 13 miles away.

While that distance might not seem far, it can be a real struggle for many community members to get there because of work constraints and limited transportation options.

Student run Knights Landing One Health Center

The Knights Landing One Health Center is a UC Davis student-run clinic that provides valuable primary health care services to the Knights Landing community every first and third Sunday of each month.

Health education, with particular emphasis on women, adolescents, and farmworkers, is a priority. Veterinary and some legal services are available as well.

All of these services are free, provided by volunteers, and designed with the cultural and linguistic needs of the community in mind.

WCAHS proud to be part of health education at fair

WCAHS table and kids water obstacle course in background
WCAHS table and start of kids water obstacle course in background.

This is the second year that WCAHS has participated in a community health fair organized by the student volunteers at the One Health Center.

This year, the day was bright and sunny, perfect for the water obstacle course that the students put together for the kids. As the kids played, their parents were able to stop by various information tables and learn about community resources available to them.

During the time I spent at the WCAHS information table talking to people about pesticide safety and heat illness, I also spoke with some of the One Health student volunteers. It was great to hear how passionate they were about their work and serving the community, as are we.

We look forward to continue working with Knights Landing One Health Center and its sister clinic, Clinica Tepati in Sacramento, to better the health of farmworkers and their families.