ATV Safety

How Do We Balance Safety and New Technology?

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This article summarizes the Emerging Technology in Agriculture: Keeping Health and Safety at the Forefront workshop, which was hosted by the UC Davis Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (WCHAS) on Thursday, May 11, 2023. WCAHS organized the workshop in response to the increased interest in agricultural technology and the need to ensure the safety of farmworkers coming in contact with technologies that may pose new hazards.

ATV Safety Concerns Prompt UC Davis Study

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)—off-road, motorized vehicles with three or four tires—are commonly used by farmers and ranchers to apply fertilizers, inspect livestock or crops, and carry or tow implements. There are approximately 11 million ATVs in the US, with 21% of those being used in agriculture.

ATV Safety

Agricultural workers all over the world rely on ATVs to complete tasks on the farm; however, despite the usefulness of ATVs, serious injuries can result from improper use.