A Full House at WCAHS

November 28, 2017

Two vacant WCAHS administration positions were filled this fall with Fadi Fathallah, PhD, becoming the new WCAHS Associate Director and Christopher Simmons, PhD, becoming the new WCAHS Director of Research.

Both bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of agricultural health and safety, and we are thrilled to have them on the administrative team.

Biosolarization: A Sustainable Agriculture Practice that Improves Farmworker Safety

September 26, 2017
Small Grants, Big Impacts

My research in sustainable agriculture focuses on alternatives to fumigants, a class of pesticides used to control soil-borne pests, such as worms and weeds. Fumigants are commonly used prior to planting in strawberry and almond production in addition to many other California crops. They can be quite toxic, with short- and long-term health effects including irritation to the eyes, skin, and respiratory system as well as nausea, vomiting, and in extreme cases, death.

Fighting in the Dirt

November 30, 2016

For eons farmers have battled two things – pests and the weather. While we still can’t control the weather, we can fight pests that target our crops, whether in agricultural fields or our own back yards.

For the past decades, farmers have primarily relied on pesticides, but we now know that many of these chemicals are toxic and pests develop resistance to them. There is a high demand to find effective and safe options to traditional pesticides, especially for organic farming.