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Small Changes Can Make Big Impact with Ladders

August 22, 2014
Professor Fadi Fathallah, engineer Victor Duraj, and others at the UC Agricultural Ergonomics Research Center (UC AERC) are continuing their earlier work funded by NIOSH Community Partners for Healthy Farming Intervention that showed some workers who harvest peaches and nectarines prefer a ladder with shorter spacing between steps.

Ag Center Confronts Rape in Field

August 11, 2014
The PBS FRONTLINE 2013 documentary, “Rape in the Fields,” highlights undocumented women from California’s Salinas and Fresno areas as well as Washington’s Yakima Valley experience with sexual harassment and rape suffered at the hands of their supervisors.

Safety Videos on Agricultural Centers' YouTube Channel

June 09, 2014
The best agricultural safety videos can be found on the U.S Agricultural Safety and Health Centers YouTube channel. The channel is a joint project of the 10 Agricultural Centers funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Portable Test for Pesticide Exposure in the Field

May 30, 2014
WCAHS Member and Distinguished Professor Bruce Hammock, a member of the National Academy of Science, and his lab are developing a portable pesticide test that can be run on location to quickly and cost effectively detect if agricultural or landscape workers have been exposed to pesticides.

Three-Fourths of Job Injuries on Farms Go Unreported

May 05, 2014
New research, published in the April issue of the Annals of Epidemiology, by Dr. Paul Leigh of the WCAHS, finds that approximately 77% of non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses in agriculture go unreported.

Handling Ag Needs & Demands While Maintaining Compliance

August 30, 2013
Research that we do at the Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety (WCAHS) in collaboration with the Air Quality Research Center at the University of California, Davis, proposes new and novel methods to determine from where particulate matter (PM) arises.